Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Some of you have probably already heard of Modcraft, but you must wonder who is behind it all.
Today we will bring some light into it.

Modcraft sat down with the goal of extending the borders of the WoW Modding
community. Presented with this goal, we've created our own server project.
Many ambitious people with much skill are already on the team, but everyone with
interest in modding is welcome.

This is our project in which we've been trying to create our own world. A world with its own characters,
items, classes, races, and quests, but above all, it's own story. Our goal is to have everything
built from scratch.

We have already come very far and would like to show you what we have been able to

Our team is still working on the project and making many advancements.
Here is a short overview of our team so far:

Concept ot the game: Jack, Kagul and Eluo

Worldbuilder: Nightblizard, Soluhe, Squabert, Miguel, Eluo and Kagul

Coding: Schlumpf, Tharo and Tigurius

Server: Kaeltis and Tazjin

DBC and DB: Kian and Iced

Trailer/Movies: Bullshitmaster

Projectmanager: Steff

The Modcraft Team


  1. Wow, that sounds really great. Much better than the tools which are out now like Noggit or anything like that.
    Hope it will be released soon.

  2. Hallo,

    wie kann man euch kontaktieren, wenn man Interesse hat, mitzuwirken?

    Ihr könnt euch sonst auch gerne bei mir melden: ahlers.sascha(at) (E-Mail Adresse nach dem lesen bitte löschen) - Danke.


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