Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Modcraft...well :D

Q:What is Modcraft?
A:Modcraft is a project to document the doabilities of modding the WoW-Client, as well as creating a demoserver to show what is possible. With this wiki everyone should have the possibility to gain experience on the one hand and on the other hand also to share his knowledge with others. Across this project the WoW-Freeshard scene should be changed more into real freeshards off from Blizzlike-, Highrate or Funserver into real mods.

And here is some show-off material :D :


  1. Any chance to join the team?

  2. Hello dear
    My Name is Joshua
    I want to join your Team
    I have skills in modding of much other games and want to try out my skills in world of warcraft
    I working good in teams and speak english; german and Latein
    My email is